CarMax + UserTesting

Witness how CarMax empathizes with customers to enhance the buyer journey

Chip Trout, Senior Manager, Product Design

What I love about UserTesting is that we can launch a test and minutes later we’re getting valuable customer feedback.

Chip Trout

Senior Manager, Product Design, CarMax

  • Faster customer feedback
  • Deeper understanding of CX gaps
  • Increased conversions and revenue
  • See how human insight helps the online car marketplace align its digital experiences with the customer journey
  • Witness how AAA Club Alliance mitigates risk while growing its business in today's economy
  • Teaser Images for Customer Stories. These teaser images are used for the Customer Story cards on the Customer Stories Listing page.
    See how Adobe utilized human insight to help BRP showcase their products across 180 websites
  • Customer Story Teaser Images. Images are used in the cards on the Customer Story Listing Page.
    Watch how Eccentric Engine develops 3D technology to improve the car buying experience in India and beyond