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DAZN + UserTesting

How DAZN uses customer feedback to bring fans closer to the sports they love
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About DAZN Group

DAZN (pronounced "da zone") is the world’s leading sports destination platform, bringing fans a better and fairer way to watch live sports. DAZN broadcasts more than 20,000 sporting events in more than 200 territories globally.

DAZN Group Achieved

Significantly accelerated design sprints


Democratized customer feedback across the organization


Improved customer satisfaction based on actionable insights


As a growing business with customers located all over the world, DAZN was looking for a strategic partner to help scale up their user research capability to give them rapid, flexible access to feedback and perspectives from both existing and prospective customers.  

The need for fast access to customer feedback and actionable insights within prioritized markets has been of particular importance when DAZN runs remote design sprints. Generating new ideas, better digital designs, and more helpful solutions has been crucial whilst the team has been unable to work from their offices. Today, the need for this rapid research to test and validate concepts among DAZN's target audiences has only grown bigger.


DAZN selected UserTesting for its human insight platform and solutions. Since then, DAZN has significantly accelerated its capacity for running iterative user testing across key markets. It has been successfully using this to inform the development of new features and to ultimately drive engagement and growth for the business. 

“In an agile environment like DAZN, things move very fast and it’s important that our approach to user research can match this speed and demand,” said Sam Howard, Senior UX Researcher at DAZN Group. “UserTesting takes a lot of the logistical pain-points out of organizing user research and has freed up time that we now use to involve our wider teams in our research process, whether that be planning, observing, or synthesizing findings.”  

Besides democratizing getting customer feedback across the organization, they also use highlight reel videos of “the most important quotes and moments in testing sessions,” Howard said. “These reels are then shared with stakeholders to give them a first-hand look at what our users are saying and doing, and how they are responding to our new ideas and designs.”


DAZN continues to use UserTesting across key initiatives and has found it to be extremely helpful to enable their remote design sprint process. After four days of a weeklong sprint, they cap it off with user feedback on day 5.

“I think the most notable thing from my perspective, which has really been a bit of a game-changer for me with UserTesting, is the speed at which I’m able to recruit users for live moderated testing,” Howard said. 

“This was particularly apparent when we recently ran a remote design sprint. Previously when running design sprints, I’ve found it incredibly hard to make Day 5 an actual day of testing, as lead times for recruitment are often 1-2 weeks. This has often meant we’ve ended a sprint without actually getting our ideas in front of users. However, since using UserTesting, I’ve been able to rapidly recruit and test with target users, sometimes with only a few hours notice. This has been hugely beneficial for maintaining momentum and was a key reason why our recent remote design sprint was seen as such a success by the business."

Sam Howard Senior UX Researcher

“With UserTesting, I’ve been able to rapidly recruit and test with target users, often with only a few hours' notice. This has been hugely beneficial for maintaining our momentum, and is a key reason why our remote design sprints are seen as so successful by our business leaders.”