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Indeed + UserTesting

How the Indeed Incubator uncovers human insights to help more people find jobs
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About Indeed

Indeed is the world's largest job search engine with more than 250 million unique visitors every month. Every day, Indeed connects millions of people to new opportunities in over 60 countries and 28 languages.

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Indeed Achieved

Products funded and 6 successful startups


Higher confidence across product development efforts


Customer-centric culture in Incubator program


Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with more than 250 million unique visitors every month. To continue its mission to help job seekers, the company launched Indeed Incubator. Teams within the product accelerator operate like mini-startups building new products and assessing their viability through fast launches and empirical learning.

Incubator teams pitch their ideas to an investment committee, similar to venture capital-funded startups, and use a metered-funding model to fund the startups for three months and then return to the investment committee for another round of funding based on customer interest and market size.

Indeed is a very data-driven organization, but the new products within the Incubator program are so small that teams often can't rely on quantitative data to validate a hypothesis. They needed a way to quickly get qualitative data to inform product ideation.


User insights are paramount to Indeed Incubator teams building a product that meets user needs.

As part of its kick-off week (a modified design sprint), Incubator teams leverage UserTesting’s Live Conversation to set up calls for the team to chat with users before they begin defining their solution.

Teams also heavily leverage unmoderated tests to quickly get feedback on their minimum viable products (MVPs). Every product is expected to launch their MVP within three months (the length of the first funding round) and qualitative feedback is a big part of that process.


Each team within the Indeed Incubator has become very user-centric. One of their objectives and key results (OKRs) is that every product team talks to at least one user every other week. Everyone on the team (e.g. UX, PM, Eng, Marketing, Sales) are involved in testing sessions and look forward to user feedback.

With fast feedback from users, Incubator teams are able to meet tight deadlines and get their MVP to market within the first three months.

The Indeed Incubator has funded 34 products since 2017, with at least six exiting into the main organization. New products include a universal resume for Japanese job seekers and Indeed Hiring Events, which helps enterprise employers better manage job fairs.

Ann Enders Director of UX, Indeed Incubator

UserTesting is a key driver to Indeed Incubator's success because the human insights we get are so fast, helpful, and easy to share.