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Vernier + UserTesting

How Vernier leverages UserTesting to improve their entire product portfolio
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About Vernier

Vernier Software & Technology has been producing leading scientific data-collection technology for over 30 years. With world-wide distribution to over 135 different countries, Vernier strives to empower STEM educators and students with easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software.

Vernier Achieved
Countries impacted by insights from UserTesting
Improved the format and content of entire product portfolio
Reduced spend on focus groups and survey software


Vernier wanted to empower STEM educators in over 135 countries with easy-to-use and affordable testing software and solutions.


UserTesting allowed Vernier to test how their customers navigate their catalog and search for solutions. The Vernier team was able to compile video clips that showed them how educators browsed through the catalog and the pain points they experienced along the way, giving them access to insights they hadn’t been able to previously collect through surveys and in-person focus groups.


Vernier found that browsing behavior was driven by the grade level and subject that educators specialized in. This influenced how they searched the Vernier catalog and the solutions they were looking for. These findings inspired the Vernier team to redesign their catalog and rethink their product offerings. As a result, the entire product portfolio was improved while saving substantial money on research and development costs.
Kristen Nelson Paniagua Product Marketing Supervisor

"With UserTesting, we are getting more rich customer feedback in less time with higher quality than ever before."