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Airtime + UserTesting

Read how Airtime leveraged customer insights in the process of developing their new social media platform
Industry: Media and entertainment
Company Size: Small
Role: Designer, Product Manager, Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About Airtime

The Airtime app is a group video chat app that allows users to experience text, video and music in real-time.

Airtime achieved

Tests launched per year = more action
Improved brand and category awareness
Significantly enhanced the platform in one year


Airtime wanted to fill a gap in the social media space by creating an app that defines a new category and paves the way for more meaningful connections.

However, they needed a solution to validate their concept with their prospective target customers before investing in development of the app.


Airtime purchased a license to UserTesting and immediately began to launch tests with potential customers on the UserTesting Contributor Network

They designed a series of tests to gain empathy for customer needs and, importantly, understand why. They utilized UserTesting's templates to accelerate the process and allow the team to uncover meaningful insights within hours after each test—much faster and more affordably than in-person interviews.


As a result of launching over 80 tests in a very short period of time, Airtime was able to quickly validate all their concepts and optimize a full range of user experiences and marketing messaging that allowed them to launch successfully. 

Today, Airtime continues to keep asking questions to customers in order to continuously improve and accelerate their brand awareness and business growth, thanks in large part to UserTesting.

Milan Mijatovic
Lead UX Researcher

“If we didn’t have UserTesting to optimize our platform, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful.”