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WestJet + UserTesting

Discover how WestJet uses conversations with customers to make air travel safer and more convenient
Industry: Transportation, Travel and hospitality
Company Size: Large
Role: Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About WestJet

WestJet is a Canadian airline founded in 1996 that flies to more than 110 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Its 14,000 employees serve more than 25 million passengers annually. Westjet has been recognized by TripAdvisor for three consecutive years as Best Airline in Canada.

WestJet achieved

Best Airline in Canada three years running
Easier storytelling internally = faster decisions
Increase in tests per year


WestJet wanted to make air travel more convenient and enjoyable for its 25+ million annual customers by introducing AI-powered voice assistance to aid travelers and ease frustration.


WestJet worked with UserTesting to analyze customer sentiment and conduct Live Conversation interviews to gather actionable insights from customers about what travel topics were important to customers, such as: 

- What questions people would ask

- Where in their travel journeys they would ask them

- How they'd ask those questions on internet-connected devices with voice-assistance


UserTesting enabled WestJet to obtain rich customer feedback from qualitative video insights, making it fast and easy to understand what questions travelers would likely ask a voice assistant and on what occasions, as well as uncover detailed nuances about how they would ask them on different platforms.

WestJet found that customers occasionally got inaccurate information from third parties about baggage fees, size restrictions, and other pre-flight information. So they added “Ask WestJet” to Alexa and Google, which increased accuracy and brand trust while decreasing complaints to customer service.

The insights also prompted WestJet to develop a new baggage-size calculator directly into Google Voice Assistant to ensure accurate, up-to-date fees and other baggage-related information.

With UserTesting, WestJet had a 144 percent increase in user tests in 2019 compared with the previous four years combined.

Lexie Lawrence
UX Researcher, WestJet

UserTesting gives us confidence that what we’re launching is going to land well and meet users’ needs and expectations.