Your.MD + UserTesting

Watch how prospective users helped Your.MD create a best-in-class app called Healthily
Industry: Healthcare
Company Size: Medium
Role: Executive
Customer Type: B2C

About Your.MD

Healthily is a free app from Your.MD that puts self-care at the heart of healthcare, with a mix of user-friendly health tools and content all approved by the Healthily clinical advisory board. The only self-care app registered as a Class 1 Medical Device, Healthily helps anyone, anywhere decide when to see a doctor and how to manage well being safely at home. All part of Your.MD’s mission to help a billion people find their health through informed self-care.

Your.MD achieved

Customer growth + higher retention
Internal alignment driven by UX insights
A stronger brand and value proposition


As the number of people in need of healthcare continues to rise, the rate of difficulty to treat everyone in a timely manner follows. The solution: Self-care. Your.MD has set out to help anyone, anywhere find safe, reliable and personalized support for their health.

Your.MD connects real people with top physicians, so in order to mirror the level of top health advice provided to the standard of the product, Your.MD sought out to enhance its UI and UX to strengthen their product. The team at Your.MD decided that using a recruitment agency to acquire testers for their demographic (India, UK and USA) was too time-consuming. The product team needed quick validation across multiple app features.

"In an ideal product environment, you would always be testing, building and learning," said Justin Berkovi, Chief Product Officer of Your.MD.

Your.MD brought UserTesting into their process to help reach out to their key demographic to gain insights into their Symptom Checker and particularly to verify a UI prototype.


Your.MD primarily looked to gain more granularity on how their users behave and interact with the app first-hand, identifying any pain-points in the user experience. With UserTesting, Your.MD could identify themes and then develop a process to actions around the insights.

The team carried out moderated testing with the Live Conversation feature. This feature was invaluable in retrieving real human emotion and getting an instant reaction from the users as they described their experience. It also enabled the product team to get even more comfortable with face to face customer research.

For their Symptom Checker product, the team preferred to use unmoderated research. Your.MD was able to obtain insights within an hour from the target demographics and go back to these videos as they continued to design and build the symptom checker.

Body language, emotions, behavior, facial expression; UserTesting has enabled Your.MD to access all of this and go lean in their focus.

“Quick testing and feedback are great when we have constraints, such as time to market,” Berkovi said.


Your.MD gained crucial insights to inform their design concepts quickly, which meant the team was able to meet their deadline for going to market. They were able to quickly verify their initial concept did not resonate strong enough with any of their demographic. The team was able to halt the release of one feature due to feedback and reevaluate based on these vital insights. This put the team on the right track to produce the right design and user interface for their audience.

In the process of their research, the team verified a theme in their US market feedback. The description of their core feature was misleading and confused users. It was exactly what they had hypothesized and they removed the description from the US App Store. By altering the description, their US customers increased along with retention. For their value proposition, it was a useful process.

Your.MD is now looking to scale their usability testing across teams by onboarding their development team. The developers can therefore see firsthand their user’s experience to help to advance the app features.

Justin Berkovi
Chief Product Officer

UserTesting has given us invaluable, instant insights into our customers.