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Retail banking experiences templates

Innovate and de-risk your retail banking experiences to keep up with evolving preferences
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What you'll learn

1. Customer perspectives on real-world, in-store bank branch experiences

2. If customers can successfully complete banking tasks—and if the usability and accessibility match their expectations

3. Customer perspectives on various bank communications, including messaging, email engagement, and more

4. How customers evaluate banking services landing pages for clarity and efficacy

Hear from our customers

T. Rowe Price is an investment management firm that serves those around the globe to help customers achieve their long-term financial goals. Upon launching a new process for creating an online investment account, they found a 37% drop-off rate on the first step after visitors opened the webpage—placing customer loyalty and the business at risk.

Time was of the essence, and T. Rowe Price’s teams knew they didn’t have time for traditional, in-lab research that could take weeks to finish. Turning to the UserTesting platform for its quick turnaround time, the teams launched unmoderated tests to pinpoint the root cause of the drop-off rate. The user feedback was clear—users wanted more information about the investment account before providing their personal information.

Almost instantly after addressing the user recommendations, the 37% drop-off rate was closed, proving that both UserTesting and unmoderated testing were the right choice for solving this pain point—and solidifying the platform and test type’s utility for future planning and development.


Use case guidebook: testing financial services experiences

Financial services organizations are in a unique position to inspire customer loyalty and trust through thoughtful messaging, design, and product innovation. But none of that can happen without regular customer insight. Download this guide to find common use cases and stories of how our financial services customers—from UX, product management, marketing teams and beyond—have leveraged the UserTesting platform to gather fast and relevant insights

UserTesting use case guidebook financial services