What can I test with user testing templates?

If you’re leveraging a platform like UserTesting, there’s a template to test just about anything! From ad copy and creative to prototypes to information architecture to mobile apps to card sorting to shopping cart abandonment—there’s a wide range of experiences your team can start testing today using templates.

To illustrate what the Human Insight Platform can do and some of our top templates, our brand team developed a series of marketing cartoons that showcase common scenarios that require testing. Throughout the process, we collected user feedback to ensure we were moving in the right direction.

Scenario one: finding the right target audience for your prototype

We love moms and their perspectives; however, their feedback doesn’t always represent your target audience. Hear from your actual customers with our template on prototype evaluation testing.

The earlier you begin testing in the design process, the better. This critical step validates ideas while helping teams build persuasive rationale for specific design decisions—and minimizes the chances of costly rework efforts later on. The prototype evaluation template offers the opportunity to observe users using a pre-production experience, whether your goal is gathering customer perspectives, identifying areas for improvement or points of friction, or confirming product-market fit.

Marketoonist UserTesting Customer Feedback Cartoon

Scenario two: unpacking the “why” behind the data

Whelp, the cat’s out of the bag. Ever seen an arbitrary number but didn’t know what it meant or how? Understanding how an audience engages with your content instead of making assumptions can only amplify your marketing efforts. Find the “why” behind your metrics and gain a deeper understanding with our landing page conversions template.

Made to optimize conversions with insights about what drives your customers, this template allows you to pinpoint competitors’ strengths, discover opportunities for improvement, and find points of confusion. 

Marketoonist UserTesting Data Driven Cartoon

Scenario three: discovering first impressions

Your customer may not always have a seat at the table, so voices are likely speaking for them. What if you could see and hear from diverse perspectives representative of your customers—and even better, remotely? Place your users at the forefront with the first impressions template

Without testing a product pre-launch, it’s difficult to predict how it’ll be perceived, no matter how many internal discussions were had or how much prep work was done. The first impressions template prevents a guessing game by gathering feedback to ensure your assets and copy align and learning how your customers perceive your product or experience. 

Marketoonist UserTesting UX Cartoon

Scenario four: evaluating your ecommerce customer journey

What if your customer told you they prefer text to purchase? Guest checkout over creating an account? Uncovering your customers' preferences and creating a user-friendly checkout process can make all the difference between an abandoned cart and a purchase. Place yourself in your customers’ shoes by leveraging human insights with the ecommerce and shopping cart experience template

The ecommerce space is only rapidly growing, and while it offers plenty of opportunities, this has also come with fierce competition. Stay ahead of the curve by using the template as your guide or customizing it to fit your goals—and learn how your digital ads are perceived, the consumer expectations you have to exceed, and existing gaps in any flows. 

Marketoonist UserTesting Customer Experience Cartoon

Scenario five: boosting your mobile experience

You might be surrounded by potential target users in your day-to-day, but there’s a better way than approaching them on the spot. Here’s an overview of how you can test mobile experiences. 

UserTesting offers an abundance of support for mobile experiences, from the mobile app comparison template, to a template on mobile app evaluation, and more. Whether you’re testing how your website appears on mobile or the usability of your app, or even leveraging testers’ mobile devices for “out in the wild” testing, the possibilities are endless. 

Marketoonist UserTesting Mobile App Testing Cartoon

Viewpoints are far and wide, but not every view may be what you’re targeting, from who you’re targeting. You solely have to find the right users and know how to leverage their feedback. Testing experiences can be another step in the process, but learning about your audience, what resonates and doesn’t, and what compels them to engage helps ensure you’re creating high-performing and engaging products. 

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