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UserTesting for small businesses

Drive growth and innovation through fast, remote customer feedback that anyone on the team can access to create customer-centric products and experiences.

Empowering small businesses to succeed

As a small business, your team has to be nimble and adaptive. With remote customer feedback and usability testing, teams—even teams of one—can stay agile while exceeding customer expectations to ensure product-market-fit, faster speed-to-market, and outstanding customer experiences that have a competitive edge.

Platform overview

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Grow your business with fast customer feedback

Improve speed-to-market

  • Leverage test templates, designed by expert researchers, to make it easy for anyone to get customer feedback
  • Use screener questions to connect with your exact audiences
  • Save time with streamlined recruiting, test management, and incentive payment processing
  • Design and launch tests in minutes using the intuitive test builder
  • Surface insights faster with automated, machine learning reports and metrics
  • Design and launch tests in minutes using the intuitive test builder

Make confident business decisions

  • Capture feedback on early designs or messaging—before investing resources
  • Ensure product-market fit by testing mobile apps before release
  • Make sure messaging resonates by gathering fast feedback on content and emails
  • Design, build, and iterate with confidence by incorporating customer feedback throughout the development process
Connect with your audiences

Drive rapid innovation and growth

  • Develop customer-driven solutions that get results
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors through remote, live interviews
  • Differentiate from your digital strategy through competitive insight
  • Quickly iterate on experiences with rapid, frequent testing
  • Test your competitors to understand common likes or dislikes, and use that insight to improve your products
Video capture and live streaming