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More powerful insights,

UserTesting helps you do more with your existing tools and solutions for understanding
your customer experience. View our technical integrations, plugins, and ecosystem

The UserTesting Adobe XD Quick Answer plugin is now live!

Download the plugin
usertesting adobe xd quick-answer

Integrations and plugins

Ecosystem capabilities

In addition to technical integrations, the UserTesting platform can be used in
conjunction with many other business tools, empowering organizations to leverage
synergistic technologies to gather human insights more effectively.

Eco Quantitative studies
Quantitative studies

Use qualitative research before, during, or after conducting a quantitative study with tools such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, or Medallia. With UserTesting, you can gain more in-depth insight into customer attitudes and behaviors as your customers narrate and provide context on their answers.

UX design and

UserTesting works hand in hand with leading design tools such as Adobe XD, InVision, Sketch, Figma, and others. Get quick feedback from customers at any stage of the design process by using our plug-in for Adobe XD or linking another design URL into UserTesting.

Eco UX Design and Prototype
Eco Analytics

Understand the data generated by tools such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or Pendo. You can run UserTesting studies that match behavioral patterns to learn why customers abandon their carts at higher rates or why a page’s bounce rate is increasing.