Embed and watch UserTesting customer feedback videos on the InVision Freehand canvas to create a centralized view of customer needs and easily take action

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About InVision Freehand

Freehand by InVision, is a collaborative canvas that makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful. As the only Visual Collaboration platform inclusively designed and priced for the entire organization, Freehand has everything your team needs to bring together people, tools, and work.

Integration overview and benefits

UserTesting test, clips, and highlight reels can be embedded and viewed together with teammates on the Freehand canvas, enabling a shared understanding of customer needs.

Extend the voice of your customers

with easier sharing of UserTesting customer feedback videos where your team is already collaborating

Spark customer-driven collaboration 

by including human insights across more business processes and workflows

Incorporate UserTesting in your processes

by incorporating customer feedback collection into your InVision Freehand templates


 For more information on using the UserTesting integration with InVision, access our Knowledgebase article here.