Work smarter with AI-powered experience research

Take advantage of AI-powered capabilities, pre-vetted by our expert machine learning team. Stay in the driver's seat and let AI empower you by accelerating everything from recruitment to test planning, feedback collection, and analysis.

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Increase team efficiency

Let AI take care of repetitive tasks, speeding up the research process and letting your team focus on the exciting part — discovering deeper insights, socializing key findings, and influencing strategic decisions.

Increase team efficiency

Accelerate time to insights

Instantly unlock key insights from your experience data with AI-powered features that automatically synthesize large volumes of video, text, and behavioral data to surface key themes, patterns, and insights.

Accelerate time to insights with AI

Amplify business impact

Increase the ROI and strategic value of insights by leveraging AI to make research more accessible, digestible, and trustworthy for every team across your organization—while ensuring the highest quality results. 

Amplify business impact with AI

The power of UserTesting AI

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Years of AI innovation

Since 2019, UserTesting has invested millions into AI R&D and shipped dozens of new features designed to help organizations get the insights they need to make confident decisions, at scale. 

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Best of proprietary and open ML models

Our dedicated machine learning team continually evaluates and verifies emerging AI technologies including our custom models to ensure our AI features ship with appropriate safeguards. 

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Patented data architecture

Our data pipeline automatically generates a special representation of behavioral data, like clicks and scrolls, to produce behavioral transcripts, to uncover insights from verbal and behavioral data. 

AI feature spotlight

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    AI Insight summary

    Summarize key learnings and important moments from video, text and behavioral data.

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  • AI survey themes

    AI survey themes

    Automatically generate key themes from high volumes of open-ended survey responses

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    Friction detection

    Identify and analyze friction points that users encounter during their interactions with your digital products.

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    Sentiment analysis

    Surfance moments of negative and positive sentiment from user research sessions recordings.

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    More AI-Powered analysis

    Check out all of our AI-Powered analysis features in detail

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