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Human Insight Podcast

Hear from top experts in the fields of conversion optimization, UX research, design, product, and more.

Janelle Estes

Chief Insights Officer,


CEO, UserTesting

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Available Episodes


Measuring user happiness

Tomer Sharon, Managing Director, Head of User Research & Metrics at Goldman Sachs, joins UserTesting Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes, to discuss measuring user happiness.

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Health communication and the future of telemedicine

CEO, Andy MacMillan,‍ and Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes,‍ speak with Director of The University of Texas at Austin Center for Health Communication and Professor of Population Health, Michael Mackert, Ph.D. about what health communication is, why it matters, and the future of telemedicine in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Messaging and brand during COVID-19

Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes,‍ hosts a discussion with CEO and Founder of Motivate Impact Mona Patel on messaging and brand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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