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For Product Teams

Bring customers into every step of the dev process

Fast customer feedback lets you make high-confidence decisions at the speed of agile.

Within hours, get feedback on almost any
product issue

Never guess what your customers are thinking or how they’ll react to a change. UserTesting lets you add
customer insights into every decision you make.

BG Solution product Team
Understand customers’ attitudes and problems
Get it right before you start building
Validate changes and settle arguments
Launch your product with total confidence
Find the reality behind your analytics

Learn how UserTesting helps product
teams succeed

Learn how UserTesting helps product teams succeed

“We found that things were pretty confusing the first time that people used our app.”

Andrew Burke,
Product Manager

GreatSchools is able to discover the real needs of its customers and drive higher digital engagement.

See How They Did It

Flipboard has a better pulse on what features work and don’t work.

See How They Did It

Niche can launch product with high confidence knowing performance and usability have been validated.

See How They Did It

Platform Capabilities

UserTesting has the right solution for every member of your team