How 3 enterprise companies leveraged UserTesting to achieve success

Posted on May 21, 2020
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I've always been fascinated at how effectively stories can influence how we understand and process the world around us, especially when we're feeling uncertain or disconnected. Stories let us to see ourselves through someone else in a way that creates a sense of familiarity and connection. They make us feel more human because they tap into our need to make sense of things and belong. That's why I love human insight stories.

And businesses are full of them. 

Every day, I hear amazing stories from our own customers at UserTesting... stories from companies that are making great strides in their communities, adapting and growing through innovation sparked by creativity from human insight. They are changing and improving the landscape of customer experiences one decision at a time.

I'd love to introduce you to a few of these brilliant customers. In doing so, I hope that you connect with some of the common challenges they face—and discover how you too can uncover human insights to inform your decision making, and create experiences that make life for all of us a little easier and more enjoyable.

Subway: growing its customer loyalty program

As the world’s largest franchise retailer, Subway needed to evaluate the effectiveness of its digital ordering experience on its mobile app, as well as the impact on loyalty while benchmarking competitor experiences.

In order to do this, Subway leveraged UserTesting to conduct video interviews, through Live Conversation, with over 800 representative customers. These unmoderated tests were designed to uncover a large number of qualitative insights around the variances in customer expectations and the personalization requirements needed to build a winning digital ordering experience on mobile devices.

UserTesting helps us turn human insights into action. It’s been a critical tool for the entire company. -Dave Hunter, Senior Manager, User Experience at Subway

To read the entire customer story, follow this link.

Microsoft: scaling customer empathy to drive innovation and market leadership

At Microsoft, their mission is to empower every person to achieve more. And in order to accomplish that mission, they needed to better understand changing customer needs, invest in the right technology, and ultimately deliver products that consumers love.

Pivoting from an engineering-focused company to one that’s truly customer-focused requires the ability to keep a pulse on what people really want. So, they turned to UserTesting for conducting all of their remote qualitative research. Since doing this, they’ve been able to give all of their researchers, marketers, designers, and product managers the ability to make customer-centric decisions in less than a few hours.

To read the entire customer story, follow this link.

Adobe: improving its iconic Photoshop product

At Adobe, constant innovation is the main priority for its customers. That’s why Adobe launched an image extraction feature that was frequently requested by Photoshop users. However, usage data following the launch, as well as posts on user forums, revealed that customers were confused and struggling to use the new feature.

In order for the team to understand the causes of these customer challenges, they turned to collecting product feedback. They first shared mockups and then interactive prototypes to pinpoint exactly where difficulties existed. They continued to solicit feedback throughout the development cycle and iterated quickly according to the feedback that they received.

UserTesting makes getting feedback from a wide range of users fast and easy for us at Adobe. It's what allows us to launch improved, easy-to-use features for all our customers.

To read the entire customer story, follow this link.

Full library of customer stories

Creating exceptional customer experiences is a requirement to gain and retain customers. It's why happy customers keep coming back. And it’s why our mission is to provide all organizations with the resources they need to turn real human insight into actionable insights. For more customer stories like these, visit our customer stories page.

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