All Platform Capabilities

Other capabilities

  • Enterprise Grade

    Scales with your specific business needs. Built with best-in-class encryption technology to defend from outside threats and data leaks.

  • Multi-Device

    Run studies on desktop, tablets, smartphones, and real-world experiences like shop-alongs and product setup.

  • Video Insights Suite

    View written and numerical responses to questions. Jump quickly to key sections in videos, by clicking on responses to questions.

  • Collaboration

    Send video clips and highlight reels to others instantly via email, Slack, and other messaging systems. Export findings to a document.

  • Insights Hub

    Upload your own videos into your UserTesting dashboard to have all your insights captured in one place. Transcripts will be created from uploaded videos automatically.

  • Usage Reporting

    Monitor what’s happening with UserTesting across your company. Share a single source of truth for insights across the organization.

  • Transcripts

    Verbal comments from users are automatically transcribed alongside videos, making reviewing faster. Jump to any point in a video by clicking within the transcript and search for keywords.

  • Quick Start Templates

    Built-in templates make it easy to get insights quickly. All subscriptions include online training. Optional extended onboarding includes training courses and on-demand experts.