Platform: EnjoyHQ

All your team's insights, all in one place

EnjoyHQ enables teams to centralize and share insights from customer research to amplify the value and impact across their organization.

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Centralized customer insights

Get all the data in one place to speed up analysis and learn about your customers. EnjoyHQ makes it easy for insights to flow in from different data sources and out to different parts of your organization. 

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Collaborate with ease

Collaborate on research, share institutional knowledge, and build a shared understanding of customers that everyone can get behind.

Amplify research impact

Make it easy for stakeholders to build a holistic understanding of the customer and access key insights that inform business decisions.

Why EnjoyHQ?

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Integrations and open API

EnjoyHQ supports over 25 native integrations including UserTesting, UserZoom, Google Drive, Jira, and Slack. And it offers a public API, making it easier for you to bring various data sources into the platform.

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Unlimited storage and transcription

With unlimited storage and transcriptions, your team can focus on improving experiences without worrying about storage restrictions. 

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Built-in security and compliance

EnjoyHQ ensures sensitive company and customer information is secure with enterprise-level features and compliance, including GDPR, FSQS, and SOC2 Type 2 certifications.

EnjoyHQ integrations

EnjoyHQ works with the tools you already use. Access powerful integrations and bring all your data together in seconds or use our public API to send feedback and customer data from anywhere.


Jira Service Management

Sync all your support tickets, customer information, and more.



Bring in all of your video clips and their transcripts from UserTesting, embed them into stories, and easily share with stakeholders.



Sync all your video clips and transcripts from UserZoom, embed them into stories, and easily share with stakeholders.



Connect research projects to tickets and epics.



Sync all your customer tickets, tags, customer information, user properties, and more.



Sync multiple surveys to your account, import and map responses, metadata, user information, and more.

Centralized insight for customer-centric organizations