The UK Banking Empathy Experience Index (EXi)

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It has been over a year since government legislation has changed the way organisations do business and deliver experiences to their customers. During this time, loyalty has been impacted dramatically. Brands are now in the difficult position of needing to rebuild loyalty among their customer base. The best way for brands to do this is through empathy-driven experiences. 

In this report, we explain why empathy is the key to building loyalty.

Three key themes stood out:

  • Banks need to humanise the digital experience by taking the best from non-digital interactions and bringing them into the digital journey.
  • If you want to build empathy-driven experiences, focus on creating positive emotional experiences.
  • From the customer perspective, the future of banking is a combination of traditional bank and fintech offerings.

Download the UK Banking Empathy Experience Index (EXi) to learn what traditional UK banks and fintechs are doing to drive these empathy-driven experiences

The UK Banking Empathy Experience Index (EXi)
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