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Financial organizations, from major banks to fintech startups, must establish trust with consumers, protect consumers’ privacy, and deliver optimized experiences. Expand your knowledge through the latest articles, guides, podcast episodes, and more from the leading human insight platform.

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Financial services organizations are held to the same high standards of tech and ecommerce experiences, with the added challenge of protecting customers’ financial privacy while delivering highly-personalized experiences.

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De-risking product decisions

As a highly-regulated industry, financial services organizations need to reduce risk in decision-making by testing with target audiences throughout development. Understand customer problems and how to prioritize them, validate concepts, and gain crucial customer insight on products throughout the development process.

De-risking product decisions

The first moments and interactions with a financial product can make or break the customer experience. It’s critical to assure customers their funds and information are secure, train them on how to interact with the product, and enable them to complete transactions and other key tasks. If any of these components are missing, customers are more likely to switch to a competitor’s products.

Human insight allows financial service organizations to understand how consumers are thinking and feeling in those critical initial interactions. See the experience through the eyes of a first-time user and find out how the onboarding process shapes consumers’ opinions of your brand.

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Comparing the digital experience of the top 5 US banks

We asked 1,500 people to test the websites of the top 5 US banks. Here's what we learned. 

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