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We all know that consumers' habits are changing, but do we know how and why? Before making big decisions about the future of your financial organization, it's best practice to check in with consumers to find out what's going on behind their actions, the important details that get lost in digital exhaust—like customer motivations, needs, and expectations. 

UserTesting commissioned a global survey of 3,800 consumers worldwide to learn the spending and banking habits of generations from the silent generation to Gen Z. 

At a high level, we learned that, despite major technological advancements in digital banking, 27% of people globally still strictly use traditional banks, ditching digital-only completely—including 28% of baby boomers and 26% of millennials. In comparison, only 12% globally said they’d rather use a digital bank with no physical presence. Digital banking has its advantages, yet four in five digital bank users wished their banks offered some of the perks traditional banks already have—such as the 38 percent of them that wish digital banks offered the ability to talk to humans for customer support.

Learn more about how the different generations feel about their banking experiences and spending money: 

  • United States: 1,800 consumers surveyed
  • Australia: 1,000 consumers surveyed
  • United Kingdom: 1,000 consumers surveyed 

The following reports are for anyone interested in getting a deeper understanding of what global consumers are experiencing. 

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