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UserTesting Templates

Powerful study templates make collecting customer feedback even easier,
and are designed with customization and flexibility in mind.


Templates to understand customers' changing behaviors, attitudes and expectations in response to a specific topic area.

Optimize Experiences

Templates to help ensure you are providing the right content experiences to engage and educate customers, to encourage expected behavior or workflows. Hone in on the greatest pain points and areas of opportunity, then test variations to strategically fine tune your experience.

Optimize Messaging

Templates to gain fast feedback on whether messaging and ads resonate with your target audiences before you launch. Ensure the response you're expecting is the response you receive.

Understand Behaviors

Templates to help you better understand your customers' behaviors so you can create compelling and innovative solutions. Hear firsthand what is on their mind, what they are looking for, and the challenges they face before you start designing a solution. 


Templates to perfect your pitch or to ensure that your product is something customers will want, buy, and can use–with industry specific screeners built right into the test plan.